I noticed lately that my skywindow when turned to fully close would stop one step before and i had to move the switch one click before and again to full closed position to do the operation. I had a hint that the switch contacts were dirty.

I first pulled down the switch assembly by grabbing both sides and pulling slowly since its held by two giant clips on the roof. Then i took both plugs out (the big plug needs something wedged so it doesnt hold onto the clip of the big plug) i then took the whole assembly out and started unscrewing the base that holds the switch. I then took the switch out. I was thinking of dissasembling the entire black switch but resisted fearing destroying it.

I then took contact spray used in electronics and doused the whole inside of the switch through one of the holes on the back of the switch (plugs side). i then rotated back and forth through all the contact points so it can get clean. Afterwards i just wiped the whole thing and assembled everything back together?

REsult? perfect switching positions and no no need to rerotate to the position that i want.

Beware you must use contact cleaner used for electronics and not something else for two reasons. One the cleaner is safe for plastics (others will "burn" them or make them brittle in time. Second the contact cleaner is also a lubricant for the switch. If the switch isnt lubricated it will be very harsh in operation.