Seat Belt are very important in driving. Many accidents happen every single day and proper use of safety restraints have saved many lives.

Sometimes the seat belt holder, sensor thingy, doesn't always recognizes the seat-belt is plugged in, and the buzzer coming:bang:.
This is the easy and reversible way to disable it.
The process is similar to other cars and is done separately in the driver and front passenger seat.

You will need:
A small flat screwdrive
a tape
10cm cable

First locate the plug-connector cover under front side to the seat.

use a small flat screwdriver to remove the 2 plug


now as you see in photo there is a 2 pin connector,
remove the insulation from the cables without cutting them.


Remove the insulation from another cable and wrap it around the two cables.
This will close the circuit and the car recognizes that the seat belt is in its position.


Insulate the 2 cables with tape and plug the connector back.


That's it, enjoy the result's!