This is a very easy fix to an otherwise annoying problem. When the slow release mechanism breaks on the glovebox it causes the glovebox to drop emptying everything on the floor. It also makes it difficult to get anything from the drivers side. As when you open it you have to try and hold it up with one hand and get your item out with the other. (DEFINITELY DONT DO THIS WHILST DRIVING).

What you need

Tools. I'm no professional I have no idea what they are all called or the sizes. But I have one of those all in one tool box sets from Argos and it had what I needed. Which was about £15

1 torx screw labeled as t25
1 Allen key labeled as h5

You also need the part that looks like this. I bought it directly from Fiat in Oldbury, West Midlands. It may be purchasable online but I do not know where

Part number is : 735445954
Cost was: £22.08 inc. VAT


Firstly get yourself to the glovebox as comfortable as you can. I suppose if you are picky you could remove the seat. But I was able to do this easily enough by just sliding it out the way.

Open the glovebox and remove it's contents out of the way. Unhook the runner on the left and the box will drop to the floor. Unless already broken off it will do this anyway.

From inside the glovebox there are two tabs either side at the back. These pull out allowing the box to drop. This is here for easy access to the fuse box behind it. (Yes dirty glovebox, it is now cleaned)

Once it's dropped it's pretty easy to just pop the arms off the side and the whole box comes away. Store out the way.

Next to the glovebox on the left is a plastic panel trim. This is coming away next

There are two screws holding this in place. One is Allan key removal other is torx screw. (As labeled above). Remove these completely

That whole panel runs around the edge. I'm presuming your car door is open at this point but if not open it. Now gently pull out and down on the panel and it pops off. Revealing the slow release mechanism

This is only fitted with a twisty joint thing. Just gently twist it anti clockwise and it pops out

Now pop the new one back in and twist clockwise. The next bit is awkward. Getting the plastic trim back on. Make sure not to rush this or you will break your newly fitted mechanism. It runs through this panel out of a little hole. So my experience told me to push the mechanism's runner as far back so that it's out of the way, fit the panel by popping it back on from the side making sure it is secure. Then fiddling through the gap with a pair of players to gently pull the runner back through.

New just a case of reversing everything. Little tip when putting the screws back in squeeze the panel against the dash with your hand to keep it all flush. Now enjoy your glovebox. It feels new to me. :D

Thanks for reading any questions don't hesitate to ask.