i hated my black bumpers and want my s 60 to look like a sporting/gt:D and so i took it off, heres how

socket wrench
screw driver

First you need to open your bonnet and find all the bolts holding the front bumper on.
theres some on the top and then you need to remove the inside of the wheel arch (screwed on)to get to another 2 bolts on each side! and the top, hard to reach.

then unscrew all the screws in the wheel arch and unbolt all the bolts ontop and inside

then bolt your new colour coded bumper on (i got mine from ebay £40 inc p&p) dont forget to screw the wheel arch bk in!
hay presto a s60 just became a sporting/gt :D

thanks to :worship: :worship: evol1 :worship: :worship:
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