So my lighter socket was only working intermittently and I decided to replace it. Checked out the guides section but could only find out removing the centre console

As it seems centre console units vary by model, I'll just show some pictures of the replacement itself.

2013-08-09 15.33.51.jpg

Get to the above stage so as to give easy access to all sides

2013-08-09 15.34.03.jpg

See the rear view I've already removed the light bulb and clip.

I ordered a new part off eBay but they sent a standard part, not one that will fit the punto power adapter :banghead:

Got the following part numbers (and parts) from a fiat garage:

51843050 - support per ac (the bit that lights up)
51773502 - plug di fissag (the barrel)

Together these came to about £25

Now to replace you have to remove the barrel from the support but there are two clips built in to the support that holds the barrel in place.

2013-08-09 15.39.42.jpg

I've pointed out one of the clips with a screwdriver and the other is the opposite side within the barrel.

The current barrel is going in the bin anyway so I used the screwdriver to bend the metal of the barrel away from the clips.

2013-08-09 15.46.50.jpg

Sorry for the bad picture but it just about shows where the two clips are and the bends I made.

Once this is done, push from behind and the barrel should move free from the support.
If the support wants to come out at the same time, don't let it - these two parts need to separate in order to progress.

2013-08-09 15.51.50.jpg

From here it's fairly easy. Remove the barrel by pulling out from the front and then the support has two clips on the top and bottom where it meets the centre console. Use the screwdriver to release and push from the back down and out applying pressure on the bit where the light bulb was. See below

2013-08-09 15.54.07.jpg

Refit in reverse bearing in mind that the barrel will only go in the support one way due to runners. The metal strip goes at the top of the circle.

2013-08-09 16.00.53.jpg

I tested mine in the foot well before attaching fully to check it worked fine.

Hope this helps!

LonDan :)