I have had a real problem getting the ABS sensors out of the rear swingarms but I finally found a way that works. (y) As Fiat want £65 each for a sensor this little tip should help save you the expense.

I have tried three other way to ge the sensor out but below was the only way I got it out without any damage to the sensor or the swingarm.

First remove the bolt that holds the sensor in situ.

Place loads of penetration fluid all over the sensor and give it 5-10 mins to do its stuff, next get a single copper washer thats about the correct size to fit over the sensor end. The copper washer will help stop the plastic of the sensor from being damaged by the socket head. Only use a copper washer as a metal washer will damage the sensor head.

Place a socket and extension bar over the end of the sensor then hit the end of the extension bar with a hammer. Dont go nuts just take your time and ramp up the power little by little until you get the sensor to move. Once the sensor starts to move keep going until the sensor is almost out, dont stop and try and use a screwdriver or anything like that as you will only stuff the sensor. FYI The metal ring around the sensor is soft and easy to damage so stay clear of that even if you think you can, you will only brake it!


Stick to this and you will save the sensor. (y)

Save the sensor save the world :D eheheh