Remove / refit front suspension arms

I am just going to skirt over this as 1) there is already a guide but there arent any pics, and 2) I didnt intend doing a guide but took a few pics anyway for my own website


Trolley Jacks x 2 [could manage with 1]
various sockets/spanners 13mm/17mm/19mm
pry bar / large screwdriver
scissor jack or bottle jack
block of wood

Ok, I had previously fitted new ARB bushes, but a drive along the road after fitting revealed something wasnt right, a bad knocking sound and also the car wanted to change lanes on accel/slow down, so I took it to my mates garage who has an MOT type ramp where I could push and pull various suspension parts using a lever liek they do at MOT to find any play while the car was sat on its wheels, and sure enough the bottom ball joints were as loose as a very loose thing, play up down left and right, forward and back! not good.

Needless to say, new arms were ordered and here they are [or one of them]

image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg image004.jpg

Undo the ARB bush bracket, the bush can stay on the ARB

Now, working on drivers side first I undid the inner arm bolt, followed by the rear of the arm bolts, you can use a pry bar to pull the mounting bracket away for car body in order to get it the rear part of the arm off



Undo the nut securing the outer ball joint, it helps to add some oil/fluid and give thread a rub with wire brush, you might need to use some force to break the joint apart, although [not pictured] I undid the nut until it got near the top of the thread, then inserted a piece of metal between the nut and driveshaft outer, carry on undoing and it will pop free with little effort.


With the arm now off, you need to swap over to the new arm the outer ARB bracket [899 models dont have this], check as you go as its possible to fit this upside down [yeah, it happened!]




Now offer the new arm up the car, try to get the inner bolt in first, then follow with the rear bolts, you may need a large screwdriver and the pry bar to get it lined up

Once these bolts are done up, push the arm up to the hub and push the thread into the bottom of the hub and do up the nut, I found using a scissor jack to apply upwards lift using a block of wood as a spacer pressed the joint into the arm enough for it to grip enabling the nut to be tightened

The press on the ARB top bracket and tighten it back up




Arm all fitted, make sure all bolts are tight [refer to manual for torques]

Now start the other side!!

Car might need its tracking adjusted afterwards, when I drove down the street afterwards it felt ok [and clunk/play free!] but a run out tomorrow when tyres get warm I might find it needs altering.

Thanks for viewing!! (y)