This has got to be one of the easiest jobs ever, whatever you do dont go to a garage or fast fit place as you will save ££sss doing it yourself, buy your pads from a local car shop/motor factors, its soo easy - your gran could even do it!!

Tools Needed
Jack and Wheel Brace
Axle Stand
Small hammer
Small pliers / or long nose
G Clamp
New Pads

Beginner 40mins

Righto, we will deal with just one wheel, both are the same.

First, Handbrake on, and loosen the wheel bolts, jack up the corner of the car, I used a trolley jack under the front sill area, for safety's sake, use an axle stand to rest the car on, I didnt, but thats because I trust my jack fully!!

Remove the wheel

It helps if you turn the steering so the caliper is more accessible

Here we have the caliper, complete with old pads inside,

Look at the bottom of the caliper and you will see a pin, with a very small clip going through it:

Using a pair of pliers, carefully pull the clip out from the pin, careful as you dont want it flying over next doors fence, you will need to re-use it. The Clip:

Gently tap the pin with the hammer, go easy as you dont want the end of the pin to 'mushroom' as it might not come out, take your time, it will pop out quite easy after a few taps. When its part way out, wiggle it out the rest of the way with your pliers. The Pin & Clip:

Now, pull the caliper upwards, this will reveal the old brake pads, simply pull them out, and replace with your new ones.

Keep the caliper up, get an old brake pad and cover the piston in the caliper, arrange the G Clamp so it clamps the pad to the caliper, and turn the clamp gently to push the piston back in, you should not need much pressure, and you will know when it wont go any further. G Clamp and Caliper with old pad:

The new pads in place, make sure the pad material is against the disc, easy mistake to make, check and double check!!

Close the caliper back towards the hub, give it a push as you put the pin back in from behind, you can carefully tap the pin back into place, replace the small clip into the pin

That. is it!!
Refit the wheel, and repeat other side of the car. When both sets of pads are fitted, press your brake pedal a couple of times to get the pistons back to the pads, you will notice the first press of the pedal will probably go right down to the floor, then the second pump will be firmer.

Test the brakes at walking speed before driving off at speed, it will take quite a few miles for your new pads to 'bed in', after which you may notice they feel sharper.

This really is an easy job, using very basic tools, and a short amount of time, when working with brakes take all the usual safety precautions, check, and check again that the components are in place and fitted properly.(y)

Thankyou, and good afternoon!!
Nik :)