Replaced radiator other day but couldn't find nothing on the internet...

1. Get car on ramp to give room to drop radiator down
2. Remove bottom radiator hose (use a screwdriver to remove the original clip by prise it open to release) and allow all the coolant to run out into a bucket or something
3. Remove the top hose using the same method as above
4. Remove the plastic piece between the hose and the radiator (should be stuck on the radiator) this allows for radiator removal, just squeeze the metal clips in and they should pull off
5. Remove some of the screws that hold the faceplates on eitherside of the car (you may need to loosen the small guard screws to push the small guard out to get your socket around the bolt that holds both guards) to allow enouph room for the radiator to drop down
6. There are 4 screws that holds the faceplate and radiator onto the car at the bottom, 2 inner screws clearly seen, 2 outer screws are hidden under the faceplates from step 5
7. Remove the faceplate and remove the radiator carefully to ensure you don't damage anything
8. From the old radiator remove the 2 rubber seals out as these go onto the new radiator (push metal through then push rubber seal out) and replace onto new radiator
9. Push new radiator into place and screw the faceplate back into place
10. Push the plastic piece taken off in step 4 back onto radiator, push both hoses back on and replace old metal clips with a screw clamp (cant remeber proper name)
11. Fill the coolant system with correct coolant and bleed at the radiator, on my model car the pipes going into the block at the rear of the engine where self bleeding (pipe returning to coolant tank)
12. Run car and get to running temp and then check for any leaks, keep an eye on your coolant level for a while to ensure no leaks in the system

Hope this helps anyone out there :) enjoy
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