Here`s a little explanation of how I created monitor fascia panel and installed for carputer use. First of all, there is no such thing as 2din fascia for punto mk2 and if someone wants to put a screen, it can only be done with custom fascia. The bad thing is that you will need to sacrifice front vents. I must say that I never used them :)

I haven`t worked with polyester or any kind of cement and sand papers before this. The only thing that I do was to look at few howtos regarding that subject so typical basic knowledge of that materials is enough for everyone.

Good thing to mention at this beggining is that if you choose to install carputer like I did, you must have an amplifier. Classic speaker-output from motherboard does not give enough power for speakers to work.

The parts that I used for building my carputer are:

- 7" tft touchscreen monitor
- Intel D945GCLF2D mini ITX motherboard with atom dualcore 1.6ghz cpu inside
- m3-atx power supply
- 2gb ddr2
- 250GB SATA2 WD hdd
- other parts like usb soudblaster play! (better output), usb gps receiver, usb bluetooth adapter for handsfree, usb fm adapter, usb elm327 interface for diagnostics and real time parameters.

For monitor fascia you will need:

- one polyester set (includes 1L of resin, small bottle of hardener, brush and polyester texture)
- some kind of polyester filling cement
- few sandpapers with various grades (80, 160, 400, 600)
- small piece of styrofoam
- alu foil
- primer and paint

The tools required for building fascia are standard ones which everyone has in their garage (screwdriver, knife, hammer, etc).

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