First for general safety disconnect the battery and leave 10 mins....


now get hold of a suitable dewetting and anti corrosion spray or contact cleaner and lubricant....

Surprise surprise i opted for Bilt Hambers Ferrosol (which imo is far better than WD-40 and the like)



Locate the ABS control module on the upper right of the engine bay between the battery and the fire wall/bulkhead


next Locate the release tab on the connector (on the right) slowly pull this tab up all the way till it goes back on itself This lifts the Plug off square and reduces the risk of bending any pins....

now with it off check for any water if present wick away using a paper towel....

give a light spray to the pins (Don't flood the connection just a mist is all that is needed)


and repeat for the plug itself


Next dab the areas dry to remove any excess de-wetting fluid


now to refit the plug (first check the orange seal is sat properly)


Ensure the plugs release lever is folded right back (so it's laid flat against the cable end of the plug


line up and push down slightly then bring the lever over the top till it snaps back down on the right ensure all the hooks are located on the locking pins then reconnect the battery

Sound complicated? watch this....

Then start the car reset the clock and pray the ABS light doesn't come on ;)