Tools needed - crosshead screwdriver, 10mm socket, 17mm socket & #4 hex bit.

Open the fuel flap & remove the locking fuel cap.


Remove the two screws holding the fuel flap in place - the lower one (on mine) was put in at a bad angle, making removal slightly awkward.


From the boot, fold down the small seat to access the plastic panel
Three screws hold the large part to the body, the first is obvious and the hole for this is clear in the pic.

The upper plastic panel simply lifts away to reveal two more screws holding the lower panel.

I didn't bother trying to fully remove this panel as I had enough room to access everything.

10mm socket to undo the three bolts holding the seat retaining catch
17mm socket to remove the inertia reel for the seatbelt - pull the belt all the way out so the inertia reel can be placed well out of the way.
You can now see the linkage in the void


- but not in mine since the ***** thing had broken away & fallen in - I had to reach in and grab it.

With the end of the linkage in your hand, press the plunger into the plastic holder, this will release the door bolt, and open the door!
Using the #4 hex, undo the 2 bolts securing the linkage into the wheel arch


And withdraw the linkage.


Everything laid out. The door bolt is at the bottom of the pic, the plunger (top) fits into the clear plastic casing (mid pic) with a bayonet fitting (push, twist).

I have to assume that the clear plastic casing clips onto the holder for the fuel flap - there is a small lug on either side of the black holder & this part of the plastic has broken off.


As I was removing the fuel flap, I noticed a thin, white 'pin' was almost out of the black fuel flap holder (note the hole on the left of the pic)
Note, also, the guide in the clear plastic casing, this allows the mechanism on the flap to move in one plane only, to push the cable which, in turn, retracts the bolt.

Luckily, this part is recessed - I found a couple of small self-tapping screws which were a perfect fit - one in the top, one in the bottom.


Without the clear plastyic casing intact, there seemed little point.

I must assume that you have the fuel flap holder in position first.
Insert the cable/door bolt.
Holding the plastic case, ensure the end of the cable is correctly located onto the back of the fuel flap and that the mechanism sits correctly inside the two guides before locating the plastic case on the rear of the fuel flap holder.

For now, though, I have simply left the cable out of the car and covered the large hole in the wheel arch with duct tape - just in case!