hi all, our multipla got the dreaded 4th gear fault the other day so I thought I would share the repair with you to try and help others with the same fault.

1: jack up the car at the front and place it on axle stand's

2: drain the gear oil using the drain bung which can be seen in the second picture (with ratchet in it) its a 12mm allen key and is quite close to the cross member so unless you have a slim ratchet and allen socket you might need to cut down an allen key,BE WARNED when the oil comes out if its hot it can come out fast and splash onto the cross member then run off everwhere so hold the drain bucket up close if you want to keep your drive clean.

3:when the oil has stopped running out replace the drain bung then remove the 6 bolts that hold the end cover on to the gearbox (yellow in the picture five are 13mm and one is 10mm note where they came from) and remove the cover be carefull as some more oil will run out. this is where the problem lies if you look on the gearbox at the bottom left below the gear you will see the selector rod that moves out when 4th is selected (get an assistant to move it gently in and out of 4th if you are not sure), its a build up of swarf that collects here that causes the problem give the end of the box a good clean I used a tin of brake cleaner which did the job well, dont forget to do inside the end cover too do all the end of the box and not just round the selector or it will all just run down and you willbe back to square one!

4: time to put it back together again, clean the two gasket surfaces and apply some instant gasket then replace the cover the bolts are different lengths so put them back in the same place that they came from. tighten the bolts so they are tight but dont go to mad or you will strip the threads strip the threads.

5 finally refill the gearbox with oil this is semi synthetic so don't put ep90 in there! the filler bung is located on the front of the box and again is a 12mm allen key,fill it untill the oil runs out.

thats it job done, let the car down off the stands give it a road test then come back on here and tell us all about it!! (y)