Hi , my name is Alan. I just bought a mk2 recently and my front seat were annoying the **** out of me.Paso seat sounded like it had a wind chime in it with something rattling in it and the drivers seat was sort of leaning to the left:mad:

I had a day off yesterday so i thought i`d sort them out and take a few pictures along the way for anyone having the same issue`s:D

Passo seat first.
1. remove seat cover

At the end of the back of the seat over there is 2 black strips of plastic hooked into each other.Unhook them.


This is a better view of the strips with the seat cover inside out.


The seat cover is fairlt tight and velcro`d at places but should lift up handy enough(y)


Theres a couple of hooks on the back of the seat cover

2. Remove head rest.


There is 2 plastic sleeves holding the headrest`s in place.Open the plastic tabs arrowed and circled in the above pic.There should be total of 4 tabs in each sleeve.


With the tabs released, prise the headrest from the plastic sleeves.


The plastic sleeves will remain in place.


This was the cause of my jingley seat.The part the hook goes into had broken and a couple of hooks were rattling of the seat frame.Tightened it all up with a pliers and wedged a couple of rags in to stop them coming out again:D

Its the same as above apart from the seat tilt and lumber knobs.These pull straight off


Now for the broken driver seat.
Take the 2 plastic side from the seat base

Dont forget this philips scew (i nearly did:bang:)


And the other plastic trim.There is also a screw at the back of each trim,facing the seats ,pointing at the floor.
There is also a plastic clip at the front of the trim nearest to teh door.by the sliding rail handle


This was the cause of my problem..The left hand side bolts had come loose and the seat dropped back.


Wedged the seat back into possition and tightened it all back up.

Reverse steps for refitting plastic trims.

As for the base of the seats,the cover is crimped into the metal base of the seat and cannot be removed:(

Hope this helps