Removing the box

Undo Gearbox bolts, the main bolts are 18mm there are, I think 3x bolts on the top going round the box in an anticlockwise direction. Next is a 15mm bolt that is level with the exhaust manifold join, it is screwed in from the other direction. These are easily seen. There is another 15mm at the very bottom of the box ( my memory is struggling here) Next still working in an anti clockwise direction is an 18mm that passes through the mount assembly.

At this stage I always replace a couple of 18mm bolts into the gearbox only just starting a few threads. ( as a support )

Engine Hoist, I placed an engine hoist with a rope around the box and tensioned the rope so that it was just under tension. Make sure your rope is not going to damage anything when it pulls tight.

Rear mount bracket, this is bolted to both the gearbox and engine in such a way that it has to be removed. From memory there is another 18mm bolt which holds it to the engine as well as two 15mm bolts one of which I think goes into the gearbox. Have a feel around, you will know when all the bolts are all out as you will be able to remove it.

Remove electrical connections, there is a pin socket at the rear of the box. Also there is an earth wire at the front right hand corner, 13mm bolt.

Remove front gearbox mount, I removed the whole thing for clearance. Is self evident and you can decide how best to separate it. There are 4x bolts to the gearbox and 1x long bolt going straight up that joins both halves of mount to each other.

Check round the gearbox, make sure there are no brackets holding any wires or cables, that all items are away. Make sure all but the bolts you have put in to secure the box are out.

Remove box, Making sure the hoist is still under tension, remove the 2x bolts you put in to secure the box. Pull or wiggle the box apart. Often It is an idea to gently tap a wedge between the box and engine where you are wishing to separate it. Try and open the box up evenly. If you do this then do it around the 18mm bolt holes. Be careful not to damage the gearbox alloy or to bend the tin black cover plates.

As the box separates be careful to keep the tension on the hoist as the box needs to separate level. Take care not to damage the drivers drive shaft.

To reassemble It is a reverse process, I always replace any drive shaft seals where the shaft has been disturbed as they can then leak.