In the engine bay


The idea with these next few items is to give you room to work, the battery tray and slave cylinder are necessity but the resonator box and induction piping removal is to allow you to have space and see what you are doing.

Remove battery and tray, remove battery first. It should have a bolt and plate trapping it, slacken or remove this. 2x terminals are 10mm loosen these. Remove negative 1st and be sure that you have any radio codes etc. pre written down then remove the battery. The tray is 4x 13mm bolts. 1 is hidden underneath towards the front of tray. There are 2x 10mm bolts holding on a wiring loom bracket at the back of the battery tray, remove the 2x nuts. Lift tray out.

Remove slave cylinder, from top of gearbox, Remove 2x 13mm bolts that hold cylinder, unclip pipe from bracket to allow you to lift up the slave cylinder and tie up out the way.

Remove air intake piping, removefrom between the throttle body and air-box. Clips are not reusable and will need replacing with jubilee clips.

Remove the air resonator box and cover, this is located tight against the right hand side of the engine. Remove 2x 10mm bolts and lift black plastic cover off. This exposes resonator box. This is held by 2x 10mm bolts. One in the side and one at the front. Remove.