here's the link to where I bought them.

I wired them up to this:

so I didn't have to tap into the cars electrics at all. It says they will only run when the side lights are on, you can get round this by wiring the second positive of the remote unit to the pos on the battery.


In the remote pack you'll get two positives (one for side lights and one for battery) If you don't want them wired to the side lights take both the positives to the battery. There's also a negative which also goes to the battery.

You'll also get a yellow cable which splits into 2 bullet connectors at the end, this is the positve for each of the led strips, wire the positives from the LED strips (test for the positive first lol) to the yellow cable. You'll now be left with two negative wires, one off each of the LED strips, either wire these back to the battery, or earth them on the car's metal work (only works on unpainted pannels.

It's only a rough guide but may help
If you need anymore explanation or anything, give me a shout.