What you'll need:
6x Jubilee Clips
4mm vacuum hose (I used about about 1.5 metres)
Tools ;)

OK So first of all we need to disconnect the battery, and I have also removed the front bumper to help with access :)

So first of all we'll take a look at the boost solenoid in it's current position:

sake 1.JPG

With standard parts it's pretty snug in there and water is blocked by the airbox/pipes. However when you install a GSR induction kit the solenoid is now more open to being hit by water and if the solenoid get wet it tends to play funny games with the boost

So we take all the pipes and the electrical connectors off the solenoid and then remove it to clean
sake 2.JPG

Where each pipe goes to:
Left - Turbo Excess Pressure Duct (Lower Hose)
Top - Wastegate Actuator (Upper Hose)
Right - Air Intake

Now here is one I prepared earlier ;) You need to spray carb cleaner down all the holes to clean out all the crap that could potentially make the solenoid stick

Next we get under the car and remove the old vac hoses, as we will be needing to make longer ones for the relocation. Just snap the old clips off as they are very fiddly to refit them, we will be replacing them with jubilee clips :)


Here is the Excess Pressure Duct

I removed the induction kit to make access to the wastegate hose easier
sake 4.JPG

Now remove the hose from the wastegate actuator and you should be left with this:

sake 5.JPG

Next we cut off a length of vac hose (make it quite long, you can always cut some more off but you can't add more on! ;)) and attach it with a jubilee clip to the wastegate actuator. Here is a pic showing how I tightened up the clip as it's quite hard to access it, you should be fine coming in at this angle

sake 6.JPG

Next I removed the old solenoid to intake hose and it was kinked, with a nasty split in it!

sake 7.JPG

And with a nice new hose on :) Much better!

sake 8.JPG

Next up I fitted a new hose onto the excess pressure duct (Remember kids, make it nice and long!)

sake 9.JPG

Now I have temporarily cable tied mine to the side of the battery tray until i get around to drilling a hole so i can add the old bracket on. You just need to clip the electrical connector back on and attach the hoses on with jubilees(after cutting them down to the right size and making sure they don't touch any hot parts!)

And here is the result! :)

sake 10.JPG
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