Hey my names Alec and this guide is going to quickly show you how to install a car subwoofer.

First of all you need to make sure you have all the right items for this install.

Your basic subwoofer package should contain:

1 Subwoofer Box
1 Subwoofer (either installed in box, or ready for install)
1 Ground Cable (Brown)
1 Power Cable with fuse holder (Red and contains fuse normally)
1 twin set of RCA Cables (Normally 1 red and 1 black/white)
1 Amplifier (Active subwoofers have amp built in on box)
1 High level input (Required if stereo has no Sub Output)


10mm Rachet
Basic Screwdriver
Hands (Maybe need a second person for power cable wiring - Optional)
Cable Ties (If needed, yet i never use them)

Thats about it for all you need, seems alot but with the sub packages they generally contain all of the above.

I will post images of all of the items later today when i am home.