ok...to do this you will need
  • window tint 20"x90" 90"long to allow for one cock-up
  • a spray bottle full of water
  • 10mm socket
  • craft knife & squeege(credit card)
  • small screwdriver
  • philips screwdriver
  • masking tape
  • lint free cloth
get the masking tape and tape from middle of your roof all the way down window and a few inches onto bodywork (pic1.jpg).
open the door and unscrew the two screws in the black trim panel (pic 2.jpg), there is now two 10mm bolts undo them (pic 3.jpg).
then from the inside where the opening mechanism is there is a removable trim piece pull this off, under that is another two 10mm bolts, undo them (pic 4.jpg).
the window is now out.SUPPORT THE WINDOW WITH HANDS!! and remove masking tape.

There is a pin going through this whick connects it to the window using small screwdriver push this pin out (pic 5.jpg).
you are then left with a bit still connected to the glass, using the small screwdriver again locate it into one of the holes and hold underneath.then use the screwdriver to turn the ring anti-clockwise until it clicks it can then be removed (pic 6.jpg).

using your spray bottle and lint free cloth clean the window.:bang:The fun starts now!!:bang: take your tint and get two pieces of sellotape to seperate the tint from the backing plastic (pic 7.jpg), spray water on the tint as you expose it.
spray the glass too.
lay the tint onto the glass and monover it until most of the creases have gone (pic 8.jpg). now trim the excess off (pic 9.jpg). use the squeege to smooth the tint out and get rid of the water (pic 10.jpg).turn the glass over and check it looks ok.
you now just have to cut the small hole out and refit everything in reverse to how you removed it. have fun and good luck. i hope you find this guide useful. finished (pic 11.jpg)