I recently fitted 6 by 9's and had to chop through the centre metal rod going across my parcel shelf, this caused it to bang quite a bit, but i have now sorted it and thought id give away my secret for others haha ;)

what i did was got a few long strips of velcrow sticky stuff from halfords, stuck them on the plastic that holds the shelf up next to the speaker, then on the actual boot door itself i put a bit on there in the middle where the parcel shelf sits, this makes it more secure and also stops the banging :)


There is a peice of plastic that goes under the parcel shelf to hold it, put the velcro across it :)

Just under the back window is a part that the back of the parcel shelf rests on, this is where you put the velcro

I also took the two strings down and cable tied them to random bits in the back boot so keep that secure and down, now when i open the boot the parcel shelf doesnt come up but as long as it sorts the banging problem then it doesnt bother me as much :)

hope this helps everyone !!
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