How to re-seat the fuel gauge needle after it jumps off the spindle.

Tools required

Ignition off needle dropped

Ignition on almost full tank of fuel.

Disconnect battery- only if you want to(not necessary)

Locate and remove HEX screws - 2 on left, upper and lower

2 on right, upper and lower.

You may want to lower the Steering wheel to gain a little more access, but again not necessary

Pull the facia cowling towards the steering wheel and check the lugs are clear before removing cowling and placing to one side.

Now you can see the plastic facia and the lugs keeping it in place

With a broad blade screwdriver, CAREFULLY lift the top of the plastic opening to allow the lug to pull out

Do the same the other side and down both sides

The bottom has tiny clips, again CAREFULLY unhook them

...and pull the plastic facia clear

Now you have full access to the needles

Remove the fuel gauge needle but pulling toward the steering wheel

The underside of the fuel gauge needle

...and replace by GENTLY pushing the needle back in the right position (pointing towards the empty mark)

Refit the facia panel, making sure the plastic is pushed into the correct place and all lugs are seated correctly

Refit the facia cowling, making sure that all lugs are seated correctly before re-inserting screws

Make sure all lugs are seated correctly, all screws are tight and steering wheel is put back to original driving position. Connect battery if you disconnected, then turn on ignition and check new position of fuel gauge needle.

Ignition OFF - needle shows empty

Ignition ON - needle shows fuel amount

JOB DONE in less than 15 minutes :)

EDIT: unfortunately I can't get any photos into this guide!!