Hi guys,

Here is a quick guide to replacing the back-lights of your cluster and center console of a fiat palio, in this case my 2005 Palio 2 1.6 16v ELX (SA version). The lights were dull since I got the car and never really took notice of it until I drove my brother's Palio (exactly the same as mine, only differing in color) and has bothered me ever since.

It took me a while (and a few broken clips...) to find the sequence but the process is fairly simple.

The first step is to remove the small side panel (in my case, to the right of the steering wheel). There is a small notch where my screw driver is that you can use.


Unscrew this screw


Remove face (beware of the clips jumping off)


Unhook wiring clips


Remove top panel covering steering wheel (I couldn't get cluster out without doing this step). To do this, first remove bottom panel (three screws), then look just behind the steering wheel (from below) to see two more screws that hold the top panel on.


Once the top panel is removed, the cluster wiggles out easily. :slayer:

At the back of the cluster you'll see the clips that hold the led's


Originally I was under the assumption that it is one unit, and honestly could not find the entire one anywhere...just to realise that the bulb actually clips out of its holder. The bulbs I found quite easily.


Replace all broken bulbs and put back together.

The center console is a similar process, the bottom panel clips off first. There is a small notch where my screwdriver is.



The middle panel has two screws on the bottom (seen in the image above) and the top just clips out. Once this panel is out, you have access to those LED's. These however do not clip out and requires soldering if you want to replace them but that is not the end of the world either.

Thanks! I hope this helped someone out there.