So you've got your fresh baby out for a ride when you see a great view and think "Wow that's a great view!"... And then when you are parking your car you see a lamp post swinging, your hart drops and you start sobbing like a baby. Because you, just like me, just hit a lamp post and traded paint with the thing (or traded paint with anything else for that matter).

Now you need to pull yourself together, act like a man and get yourself some supplies.

You'll need the following things: 1 Cleaning cloth (doesn't has to be special just make sure it's clean)
1 Tube of toothpaste (any kind)
1 garden hose (attached to the tap don't be a moron)
1 Kick-ass can of ellbow grease

Like I said, the cheap-ass easy way.

Step on: hitting something.

2014-10-08 10.27.46.jpg

This is an important step for this tutorial, however i wouldn't recommend you specially hitting something to be able to do this tutorial.

Step two: Sobbing like a baby, just like I did....

Step three: Manning up and cleaning part

Get some toothpaste on a wet cleaning cloth wet the traded paint area with the garden hose and start rubbing it over the traded paint area.

After a while, a bit of toothpaste and a hell of a lot of ellbow grease it''l end up like this.
2014-10-08 18.18.37.jpg

But hey you're not done! Rewet the cloth if it's dried out, give the tube of toothpaste a new squirt and continue your work.

After a while the traded paint will be gone just like mine did.

2014-10-08 19.19.14.jpg

Ok so there are some safety precautions just like any other waxing or polishing agents. Don't get yourself to much into it because you are able to polish of your paint, or even burn it.

Why toothpaste? Toothpaste is a product that cleans your teeth (if used with a brush). And just like a car polish it contains small silicone parts that grinds over the surface of your teeth and thus polishing it. This is also the way a polishing agent works. However a real polishing product is a far stronger polishing product then toothpaste, because hey it's there to clean and not destroy your teeth.

When the traded paint is not (completely) coming of you have to use a normal polishing product for your car. In some case when the damage is really severe you have to go to a garage and let them buff it out, or if you own a buffer do it yourself.

I hope this tutorial helps you if you (just like me) traded paint.