How to Remove the Instrument Unit in a sei

Step3.JPG Step3.1.JPG

  • Underneath the top part of the ignition casing there will be two black screws (one on each side) as shown in picture

Step3.2.JPG Step3.3.JPG

Step3.4.JPG Step4.JPG

  • Undo them and top casing will come off.

Step5.JPG Step5.1.JPG

  • You will then see two allen bolts as in picture
  • Undo them.


  • Gently unclip the instrument unit and disconnect the cables that connect the unit.


  • Inside the instrument unit there will be six golden screws and one black allen bolt.
  • these need to be undone to get access to the instruments inside.

  • Congratulations you've made it!!!(y)