I have looked around and not really got anywhere with this. (Maybe i just didnt look hard enough.) There is a few guides about that refer to some special U shaped clips, that can possibly be bought from halfords. Basically i am currently skint. So here is the poor mans explanation of the job.

Removing the radio can be a bit of a puzzle. if you arnt too clever.

Basically on the front of the radio there is 4 holes in the 4 corners of the face. 1.jpg

There is a special kit designed to take the radio out. But i currently have no money till the end of the week and im impatient. So basically i used a trusty allen key.

The trick is to put the allen key into one of the holes with some fingers inside the tape deck. with the allen key in. pull on the tape deck and angle the key to the side to release the clips. Keep pulling on the tape deck and repeat for all 4 holes. this may take a few attempts. But it will eventually come free.

You can see in this picture the copper coloured clips. The black case around is what you are trying to remove the radio from. This might take some work. to be honest it was just luck that this worked.

You can see in this image the clips that the allen key hits.

Its a pretty simple job, But one i was a bit unsure about before starting.
Since i wasnt too sure i decided there must be at least one person that will
benefit from this guide.

Like i said. There is a special U shaped peice of wire that is used to do this. Not too sure how much it is but you can probably get it from halfords for under a tenner......or you could dig into your tool box and do this for free ;)