Been done before, but fed up of ppl bombarding me with, how did you do it and how much.


how much = £5
where from = scrappies
what from = renault laguna RT models and above get the deep rubber splitter with the brake vent holes, lower models get a smaller item with no holes, whatever your fancy.
how to..=

cut said splitter in half, exactly, does't have to be smooth or the best cut as your gonna have to waste about 3-4" off each side (not yet).

take a dremel type tool and cut round the existing tabs right down to the front lip, then you'll have to make a few tabs for the sides and edges, as there are only a few on the front which you will soon be cutting off.
make a neat job, and use some goggles, broken bits of cutting disc at 30,000rpm tend to put holes in your eyeballs:mad:
to make it bend round the edges of the bumper you'll need to cut slots INSIDE the splitter. make sure they don't go thru at the top and middle, but you can cut a 6" section of the lower portion off to aid the splitter to bend.

now you'll need to trial fit it, use duck tape to hold it against car (using original edge near the arch to act as a guide mark, it must be tight against the edge of the bumper/wheelarch. mark where the tabs will sit from the wheelarch end first, just cut the first 1 or 2 tabs in, fit them, then proceed with the rest, otherwise you'll end up extending your slots about 10x :eek:

just showing how many slots I've got on it. you can also see there is around 1 3/4" of overlap in the centre of the bumper, we'll deal with that later.

once you have both halfs cut, slotted onto the bumper then PUSH FITTED ONLY into the bumper, you will see the overlap in the middle. mark conservativly how much your gonna knock off then remove both halfs and cut as NEATLY AS POSS using a straight edge.
then keep trying them on and filing them (or use dremel and a sanding drum, but you've got to be quite gentle with it) until they fit neatly together.

Your slots will be quite deep and hopefully in the groove that runs around your bumper, when your completly happy with the way the splitter bits sit against your bumper its time to stick it togehter.
Use stickaflex, tigerseal or similar, but make sure its black, as white stuff with end up on your paint, and showing, and look god aweful (see my skirts in last pic).

when thats done, you can use a bit of the trimmings to hold the two halfs together in the centre, and to prop the edges out, but they won't last long:p
we don't want it looking like a corsa C with a broken splitter connector do we(y) :rolleyes:

secure with LOTS of short sections of duck tape to hold it to the bumper for at least 12 dry daylight hours to cure it.

hope thats some use to ppl. I will get a profile shot from the side when it stops raining.

AS for durability, I've wacked in on kerbs and concreate chunks aswell as bottoming the car out and it hitting tarmac at around 65mph, and its still firmly attached, only the bits near the wheelarch have popped a little, but that will be fixed with two small screws into the arch liner.:worship:


the profiles, makes the front end look SO much better, as normally it just slopes away like a kid with no chin!!