Getting the Live lead to the battery

Firstly remove the glovebox, to do this you need to remove the panel thats fitted by turning the clips to release the catches and pull the panel down, then remove the screws, release the lamp (if fitted) and pull a glovebox out.


There is a large rubber grommet behind the glovebox, you either need to punch a hole in it, or drill a hole in it, if you have standard wires already in the grommet like mine I advise you to be VERY careful!!


Punch or Drill the hole and feed the cable through.

As your fuse holder won't fit through this grommet and it's a bit difficult to pass it through the other side, a tip is to swap the ends on your live lead as I did and feed it from the passenger compartment. So the fuse holder is near the amp as opposed to the battery.