Hey my names Alec and this guide is going to quickly show you how to install a car subwoofer.

First of all you need to make sure you have all the right items for this install.

Your basic subwoofer package should contain:

1 Subwoofer Box
1 Subwoofer (either installed in box, or ready for install)
1 Ground Cable (Brown)
1 Power Cable with fuse holder (Red and contains fuse normally)
1 twin set of RCA Cables (Normally 1 red and 1 black/white)
1 Amplifier (Active subwoofers have amp built in on box)
1 High level input (Required if stereo has no Sub Output)


10mm Rachet
Basic Screwdriver
Hands (Maybe need a second person for power cable wiring - Optional)
Cable Ties (If needed, yet i never use them)

Thats about it for all you need, seems alot but with the sub packages they generally contain all of the above.

I will post images of all of the items later today when i am home.

Stage 1 - Setting up

Step 1) Empty the box and put the subwoofer and amp (if seperate) in the boot of your car.

Step 2) Unravel the power cable and lift bonet so access to the battery can be made.

Using the 10mm rachet undo the power bolt and slot the looped end of the power cable onto the battery screw and redo the bolt tight. Make sure its the end that the black fuse box is near the battery.

Step 3) Using the other end of the power cable which should be on the floor at this stage, locate the whole at the back of the bonet below windowscreen where it has other cables going into.

This is the tricky part which may require 2 people but can be done alone..

You need to push the power cable through giving enough slack so that it drops down. You then need to get into the car (passenger side) and look underneath the dashboard. Pull out the carpit a bit and look up under the dash and you should see the power cable dangling.. This is if it hasnt got stuck.

Thats easier with 2 people as one an feed as the other pulls. Once you have got this, pull the power cable through until there is hardly any left the battery side, leave enough so that the power cable can be tied to other cables under the bonnet.

Step 4) Now you have the majority of the power cable in the passenger side, manover it over to the left of the car where the pillar is, you should see some other cables (If you have the GO Model, i think). Push the power cable and pull it through the carpit so that all of the cable is coming out by the plastic cover for the door at the bottom.

Step 5) Using the screwdriver, remove the 2 screws at either end of the plastic foot cover so that the cover can be removed. Once these are undo you will have to pull at it in 4 different places as there are 4 clips that hold it down.

Step 6) With this remove run the power cable along the floor ensuring its tight so that it wont roll about. If there is cables already there, run them along the same line as the cables and attach it to them if required.

Step 7) Now you have the cables in the back of the car, lift up the back seat so that you can see the metal underneath. Feed the power cable up the plastic of the back seat so that it pops up on the metal which would be under the back seat. Pull all of the cable through till tight. You may need to try and tuck the power cable behind as much as the plastic as possible so its less visable. (You cant really see it anyway)

Step 8) Last part of the power wiring is simple, feed the power cable underneath the back of the back seat into the boot. Should go straight under with eaze. Then attach to your sub woofer power connection +12v.


Stage 2

Step 1) Go to the boot of your car. Where the boot catch is there should be to black screws which can be remove. Lift up the carpit slightly and using the Brown cable (Ground) Feed the looped end up the carpit till it pops out the top. Undo the screw and place the loop underneath where the screw goes and rescrew back in tight. Make sure there is no paint on the metal as it has to be bare metal for a solid ground connection.

Step 2) Relay the carpit back down and you should be left with a coil of ground cable sitting in your boot.

Same as the power attach to the GROUND section of the amplifer.