MAP-sensor measures the amount of air in a inlet manifold and also air temperature. The ecu needs these values to calculate correct fuel/air mixture.

Fiat 500 1.2 8v MY 2009 doesn't have MAF-sensor, only MAP-sensor I think.

Step 1. Disconnect battery negative terminal
Secure the disconnected negative terminal from any contact

battery negative.jpg

Step 2. Find the MAP-sensor
It's easy to access without removing the air cleaner. The MAP-sensor locates on the left side of inlet manifold.

find map.jpg

Step 3. Use T25-torx tool
Undo the Torx-bolt and take care not to drop the torx-bolt on the floor

Step 4. Disconnect the wiring plug
Unclip the yellow clip and gently disconnect the wiring plug

map wiring.jpg

Step 5. Clean the MAP-sensor with specific cleaning product
Let the MAP-sensor dry complite

map cleaner.jpg

Step 6. Refitting is a reversal of removal
Option (Relearn the ecu if necessary)
Drive a long trip to relearn the ecu

We have very low outside temperatures in winter Finland. It may vary -0 celsius to -35 celcius. I was having a problem with my Fiat 500 1.2 8v engine idling. In cold days the idle speed varied a lot and the engine almoust shut down in every three seconds.

The problem doesn't exist during summer so I don't know that the problem is solved. The stock MAP-sensor was a little bit covered with water/oil and I think that waste will freeze in winter and that will cause problems. It would be the best way to renew the MAP-sensor and relearn the ecu but I started by cleaning it.
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