things u will need
screwdriver (flat)
new gearknob (non lift)
strong bonding glue (not superglue)
cable tie
electrical tape
stanley knife

the job

right now to start off with you need to buy a gearknob that has several different sizes of slides these are the things that u slide the gearknob on to to fit it to ur gear shaft.
right now u have those u take ur saw and cut about half an inch below ur old ****ty rubber gearknob. cut all the way around it then get ur flathead screwdriver and jam it underneeth then begin to pul as hard as u can until the rubber topping peels off failing that get a stanley knife and cut it until it does pop off.
right now the rubbers out the way u will see a plastic ball on top. get ur saw and start cutting it in half from the top until u hit metal then get ur flathead screwdriver and jam in the middle and prize 1 side off then u can smash the other one off wiv hammer.
now thats off and u have made sure theres no more plastic on the top pull ur gaiter down so u have plenty of room to work.
find a slide which fits tightly on the top then take it off and put some glue in it (i recomend wood glue as it expands and hardens reely strong) now slide the slide back on cleening away any excess glue. put a little more glue on the outside of the slide to make sure the gearknob wont move under heavy shifting then gently slide ur gearknob onto the slide and wipe away any excess glue.
now screw it in on the sides and bring ur gaiter bak up to the gearknob and cable tie it tightly in place and then get ur electrical tape and tape the bottom of ur gearknob to ur gaiter and leave for 24 hours for the glue to set. in the morning remove the tape and your cable tie and hey presto u just changed ur gearknob.
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