First make sure the ignition is turned off

Remove the air filter housing top.

Remove the air filter element itself from the housing - this can be a tight squeeze.

Remove the 3 retaining nuts at the bottom of the housing & the 2 x worm clamps from the housing to the snorkel & the engine breather & remove the air filter housing from the engine bay to allow access to the fuel filter.

Loosen the 2 bolts holding the fuel filter bracket to the firewall enough to allow a oil filter remover tool around the filter or if you can loosen the filter by hand you may not have to loosen the bolts but I found it easier to loosen the bolts as it too close to the firewall otherwise.

Then disconnect the wiring plug for the water trap sensor from the bottom of the filter as this will have to installed on the new filter.

Unscrew the filter keeping it upright so as to minimize spillage of diesel - empty the fuel from the filter into a container.

Remove the plastic plug which is threaded into the bottom of the new filter & thread the water sensor into the new filter making sure the "O" ring is correctly installed in the new filter.

Once the sensor has been installed then hold the new filter upright & fill it right to the top with fuel (use fresh clean diesel to fill the new filter), might take a couple of mins to fill properly as it is absorbed by the filter paper itself just let it settle then top-up if necessary.

Then holding it in that position to minimize spillage again refit it to the firewall bracket & tighten - reconnect the water sensor wiring plug & tighten fire wall bracket bolts.

Refit the air cleaner housing & tighten the 3 x nuts inside & refit the snorkel & breather hoses to the housing & clamps & tighten same.

Refit air filter element & cap to housing

Make sure there is no background noise - kneel next to the drivers door so you can hear the fuel pump working in the tank & turn the ignition to "mar" ( do not attempt to start the engine ) for 10-15 secs then off - now you should hear the pump self bleeding the air from the fuel low pressure side.

Do this 2 to 3 times until you no longer hear the "farting" air bubbles noise & there is a constant noise from the pump meaning no air in the system - Job done!

You can then start the engine.