Tools needed

1/4 drive 7mm socket and 1/4 screwdriver /nut runner

right nice and simple this one should take you 5 mins tops...

get your new filter either from fiat or a motor factors

open the bonnet the air filter is housed in the big black box on top of the engine

this is held in place by 6 bolts which have a 7mm head there are 3 along the top and 3 along the bottom


once all 6 are loosened (they stay in the lid so you don't loose them) pull the front cover away and you will be met with this


at this point take the old filter out give the air box a wipe clean inside

unpack your new filter and insert

then refit in the reverse order

put all the screws back in then work around slowly tightening a bit at a time so it closes and seats squarely (y)