First off the boring bit....

Car batterys can present many hazards whilst been worked on

Whilst charging they produce hydrogen gas which is explosive,

They contain Sulphuric acid which can cause serious burns and eye damage should you come into contact with it either through improper storage, handling or the battery exploding (either through charge gasses igniting or been short circuited.. so keep them upright so it can't leak....

And any metalic objects do not come in contact with the 2 contacts on the top such as spanners, or your kit kat wrapper......

They are heavy for their size and contain lead which is also Toxic..

So plastic acid resistive gloves and Eye protection is a good idea whilst working on the battery....

Old batterys can be hazardous too before disposal insulate both terminals with either the caps off the new battery or insulation tape and take to your local civic amenity's site/ dump and place in the battery collections container for recycling.

for your closest site look here

So you have had a flat battery and it won't charge or your plagued with Power steering issues or other electrical gremlins and you have had your battery load tested and its weak here is what you need to do.....

You will need:


a 13mm spanner or socket set

a 10mm spanner (for positive clamp)

and some battery terminal grease or Petroleum jelly

a small wire brush and some wire wool might be needed if your clamps are dirty or corroded


so open your bonnet and boot (you wont be able to get the new battery out of the boot once you take the battery off unless you open it now ((guess how i know that)) :bang:

So first make sure you have the radio code if you have an after market head unit fitted

ensure all electrics are off in the car..

So remove the negative quick release clamp first and tuck out of the way (always remove this one first to minimise the risk of causing a short to the battery when removing the live)

QR clamp.JPG

now remove the plastic cover off the live post by squeezing the three tabs together

next using a 10mm spanner slacken the live clamp

Live post.JPG

and pull off and place out of the way

now using your 13mm socket remove the bolt which secures the locking plate and webbing strap over the battery completely

Remove clamp.JPG

and remove battery

clean the tray and ensure the drain hole is clear of dirt and rubbish

and drop the new battery in ensuring its the same way round as the old one

and push it under the lip of the tray (if you stand next to the wheel put the battery in place and pull it towards you slightly its bottom edge will lock in place under the lip in the tray)

next put the strap and clamp over the battery and secure back down with a 13mm spanner (do this tight enough so the battery can't move in any direction)

next clean the battery posts and clamps with the wire brush and wire wool to ensure a good connection

and refit the live clamp and tighten up with a 10mm spanner
(tight enough so it wont move but not so tight you strip the thread or damage the clamp)

Now connect the negative quick release and tighten with the thumb lever

Spray / smear the terminals with battery terminal grease
reconect neg spray.JPG

and refit black plastic cover to the live terminals close the bonnet then hunt high and low for the owners manual to remember how to reset the clock on the dash ;)