Here is a guide on how to remove the front bumper on the Grande Punto.

First thing is to is remove the grilles top and bottom. Jack the car up and put on axle stands (makes the job alot easier!) if not do one side at a time. Undo the screws, working from the bottom, up. (If you have fog lights dont undo the screws under the light and the one at the top) Then do the screws underneath (pointed out by my picture) then you have two screws that hold the bumper to the arch. One is easy to get to the other is a pain, and this is where the axle stands come in handy. Because the car is rasied, I slid my hand up the back of the bumper to undo the screw inside the bumper. Then when tall these are done (18 in total) then undo the top four under the bonnet making it 22 in total. ( I used old carpet to rest the bumper onto to save from being marked.)


Then obviously do the reverse for puting back on.

If you have problems with anything dont hesitate to PM me (y)

Ps, the picture shows lines to the screws, the screws are located in the same place on each side of the bumper.