Removing and refitting the brake disc

  1. To remove the disc you first need to remove the caliper holder. This is held by two 17/19mm? bolts on the back. These bolts also hold in the heat shield which unless replaced and painted will probably have crumbled away into nothing apart from a little part around the bolts. I highly reccomend getting replacements and painting them with hammerite.
  2. Once the bolts are out the caliper holder can be removed from the hub carrier.
  3. To remove the disc you must remove the two 12mm locating bolts. These can be very difficult to remove. I reccomend using deep 6 sided sockets to avoid rounding of the bolts.
  4. Once unbolted the disc should come off easy. If required persuade using a mallet.
  5. With the disc off you can check on the status of your heatshield. The 10mm bolt on the trailing end of the hub carrier holds the heatshield to the hub. Clean up around the hub with a wire brush. Applying a thin layer of anti-sieze paste around here will make changing the disc easier next time.
  6. Replace the disc. If new make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned with white spirit/brake cleaner to remove the storage grease. spin the disc around on the hub to ensure its flush against the hub.
  7. Screw in the locating bolts paying attenting to avoiding cross-threading them. Tighten to reasonable tightness.
  8. Position the caliper holder over the disc. The bolts should go through the hub carrier and the heatshield before threading into the caliper carrier. This can be tricky. These bolts should be rather tight.