Front brake pads. Removal and refitting.

Tools you will need
  • trolley jack
  • 15mm combination spanner
  • 13mm socket or combination spanner
  • 12mm deep 6 side socket or combination spanner
  • file or wire brush
  • pair of axle stands
  • G-clamp
  • High temperature grease or anti-sieze compound.
Read First!
  • Before jacking up your car apply the handbrake firmly and chock the wheels.
  • Avoid getting grease on the disc or pad. If you contaminate the disc/pad clean them with brake cleaning fluid.
  • Check your brake fluid level. You are going to force the piston back into the caliper. If the fluid level is too high you will spill brake fluid all over the back of your engine.
  • Brake dust is nasty stuff. Do not blow it away with compressed air. Brush it off in a well ventilated area.