Footwell Leds the easy way.

LED strip
10m cable (or 5m and fuse tap)
cable striper
Soldering iron and solder is not required but should be used.
fuse 3A or less with fuse holder

Step 1. take out interior light


step 2. un-tighten all 3 screws

step 3. pull 1 (2 cables if you want to copy me. more info later) cables through the front of the headliner "into" where the interiorlight sits.


step 4. feed cables through headliners and the black rubber part that goes around door. Then remove the plastic parts infront of interior fuse panel and the black part to the left of it.


step 5. feed cable along black rubber pice "through" dashboard. and down to fuse panel. Here you can choose if you want to use a "fuse tap" or pull a second cable from the interior light for power.

step 6. solder led strip to cable, power from fusetap (or one of the cables you pulled from interior light) and the other cable to - of the led strip

step 7. now you want to look at the 3-PIN white connector that provides power to the interior light. The Green wire (-) is the one that controlls when the lights are on. You have to pull back some of the insulation on the GREEN and RED-ish Wire (only Green if you are using a fusetap) and solder (or wrap with electrical tape)
(-) from LED to Green cable
(+) from led to eather a fusetap or the Red-ish wire in the 3 pin connector( ADD A FUSE by cutting any wire to LED strip and soldering it to it.).


Step 8. Fix everything back together with tidy up the cables some carbon fibre zipties.


This is my first guide so things will be missing. It was an afternoon project. I wish you all the best. I will respond to questions when I can(y)
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