Fixing juddering windscreen wipers -

Diagnosing the problem - If your windscreen wipers judder, especially when on the first intermittent setting, and whilst doing so there is a sound which sounds like “sparking” or a “sticking relay” coming from behind the dashboard, then this is the guide for you!

1. Open bonnet

2. At the back left of the engine bay, in the scuttle panel, you will see some linkages and a big black cover


This cover is just clipped on and simply pulls off.

3. You will now see the windscreen wiper motor. On the left hand side, you will see 5 torx screws and an electrical connector.


Carefully disconnect the electrical connector and remove these screws, being careful not to drop any

4. Carefully remove the cover plate, revealing the electrical connection underneath

5. Clean out as much of the old grease as you can with a cotton bud, and then use some very fine sandpaper to rub the circular metal strips until they are clean and shiny. Whilst you are there, also inspect the copper prongs on the rear of the cover plate for any damage/corrosion.

6. Apply a thin layer of electrically conductive grease on the circular metal rings.

7. Replace the cover and screws, again being careful not to bend the copper prongs, or drop any screws!

8. Replace the black plastic cover.

9. Test your windscreen wipers, fingers crossed, Success!

Hope this is of help to some people, as its one of those annoying little problems!