At last, I finally managed to fit the turbo anti-roll bar to my little 45S. I bought the roll bar and the brackets way back in May from a guy stripping a dead turbo. What I didn't realise was that I needed the suspension arm brackets AS WELL AS the roll bar brackets. :bang:

Luckily Fro$ty pointed me to the MSN turbocollective group, where I managed to find some from another turbo being broken down in London.

Anyway, as the original bits were all rather rusty I decided to clean them up and paint them. One to make them look good and two, to stop them from rusting again. They were painted blue as I had a tin of blue Smoothrite lying around that I hadn't used for anything. Seemed a shame to waste it!

However, it was a bit futile as I ended up scratching a lot of it when fitting the parts due to lack of clearance

The first series of pictures show the parts being cleaned to bare metal using a drill and wire brush, then being painted in anti-rust primer. Plus you can see the roll bar in it's rather bright blue new paintwork!