First off make sure the frame is in good condition, with no rust and nothing seized or broken.
I re-riveted the two 40mm wide stays that run from the front cross member and join both ribs.
Cleaned of any rust and g View attachment 188618

View attachment 188619

View attachment 188620 ave it a quick black gloss spray.

Place the new hood on the frame being careful not to damage the window and you must now slip the bottom corners over the frame which can be quite difficult.
Once they are on, slip the rest of the hood on and close it up. This way you can reposition the material before glueing.
Once you are happy with how it looks, you can reinsert the steel wire making sure not to cross the elasticated band. View attachment 188623

View attachment 188624

View attachment 188625

View attachment 188626

View attachment 188627
The messy bit. You need dust sheets just in case.
I used evostick contact. View attachment 188628

View attachment 188629

View attachment 188630

View attachment 188631

View attachment 188632
Now that everything touches in the right places on the ribs etc. you can commence glueing exactly where it was glued before.
You will need at least three 3/4 inch brushes because the Evo dries up so fast and don't leave the lid off, follow the instructions.
Once glued you can replace the metal plates using a punch to find the screw holes.
Glue the ribs taking extra care not to get glue on the headliner.
Fitting the six window seals is easier using a touch of silicone grease. DSCF0033.JPG

DSCF0069.JPG Before and after.

I will write a guide on how to make adjustments to the frame so that all seals are good at a later date.
Thanks Dave Popps.