A few points to note!

A relay must be fitted in the circuit.DO NOT try and wire fog lights directly to any other circuit,do not go near the body computer or try and utilise the original menu/rear fog multifunction switchbank as doing so will cause damage to your car and will invalidate your warranty! The purpose of this relay is to switch a large current (from your battery) safely to your fog lights.If you are unsure seek advice.

You will need.....

Black cable (14 gauge)
Spade terminals,4 insulated blue,3 insulated red (depending on terminal size of fitted switch) & 4 uninsulated red (the negative speaker terminal sized ones for fog light connection)2 ring terminals.
3 blade type fuse holders & 3 x 20 amp fuses.
Black loom tape & insulating tape.
Switch (I prefer the type pictured below)


Fog lights,original fit from Fiat & dont forget the six mounting screws (three each side) or pattern/aftermarket fog lights.
Standard 4 (or 5 ) pin relay (pic below) ...



Soldering iron
Sidecutters & terminal crimps
Cordless drill & conecutter (dependent on type of switch to be fitted)
5mm allen key (for fog light retaining bolts)

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