These instruction are for a 3dr Grande Punto only
1.Note the front and rear bars are different lengths the front is 845mm and the rears 820mm (this is the length of the bar not including any plastic housings)
2.If you are clever the Fiat instructions may make sence but if you are like me and find them difficult to grasp refer to my photos.
3.The rubber feet (thats the bits that touch the roof ) are left and right handed remember that the front ones are the ones with a tab that sits in the shallow gutter that runs front to back about 90mm in from the front door.
4.The black plastic coated brackets are the bits that hold the rook rack on its important that they are fitted corectley.The fronts have a hole so that a bolt can be passed through and screwed into the hole already on your car located in the top of the door opening.The rear clamp fits in the gap between the glass and the bodywork (small arrow and glass shows position).

Hopefully with these simple instructions,photos and the supplied fiat ones you to can fit a 3dr roof rack.