A quick mini guide for a fantastic upgrade to your washer jets.

There are two versions of the Bravo 2007 washer jets. One has a heating element and the other does not. Both include 27cm of rubber tube.

Now I got excited and thought cool heated washer jets. Unfortunately the housing for the heating element is the part you have to cut off to make the jets fit your classic fiat.

What you will need
2x Bravo 2007 washer jets.
Junior hacksaw maybe a small file if you weren’t too precise.

I would buy two non-heated jets because it is a lot harder to saw through the heating element.

Old vs New
You can see how similar the jets really are. The new one has a sleeker lower profile and a nicer finnish.

Highlighted in red is the bit you will need to cut off.

I made two cuts you can see the heating element in the second pic that I had to cut through.


The other difference is the neck. The original is 90 degrees the new is 45 degrees. Not a problem though. You can pull the neck's off and use the originals or just swivel them around.

The new nozzle does not have vertical adjustment, but hits the windscreen in just the right place.

There you go a quick guide. Good Luck.