Fitting a aftermarket towing hook to your MK1 aint very difficult but it can be a bit time consuming.

I picked mine up secondhand from a demolition yard. Make sure that you get the 3 iron bits that go in the booth of your car as well, and getting the wires that connect to your car would come in handy as well.

The wiring for the towing hook are :


Translation :

1 or L : Left indicator light -->wirecolor = yellow
2 or 54G : continious power -->wirecolor = blue
3 or 31 : Mass -->wirecolor = white
4 or R : right indicator light -->wirecolor = green
5 or 58R : Right back light -->wirecolor = brown
6 or 54 : brake lights -->wirecolor = red
7 or 58L : left back light -->wirecolor = black

The wiring in the punto are NOT the same colors as above.

What I did was remove the backlights and measure the different wires going to the connector and figuring out which is which. I accidently threw away the paper i wrote the different wires on, but will try to list them here asap.

Removing the backlights

You will need the short plastic thingy from the standard punto equipment which can be found on top of your spare tire (the one in the trunk of your car :devil:)
Locate the two holes (one is covered by a bit of plastic which can be popped out). Now insert the plastic rod and undo the big screws in there. (you can fit the standard screwdriver thru the little hole in the rod to get some more leverage).
The lightmodule will now come off, and you can undo the connector.