after trawling FAQ's, guides and wiring diagrams I managed to get all the info I need to fit the fiat M187/M15 but with the instructions for the Bravo / Brava.
(read through the bravo instructions first to get an idea of what to do then alter the wire connections with this guide for the Seicento)

first disconnect the negative then the positive on the battery.

bolt the alarm brain under the bracket for the ecu, behind the head light on the passengers side.

remove the cover for the heat matrix and windscreen wiper,
you will need to take the air box out to access the 3rd screw where the coolant pipes go through the rubber reinforced part of the cover. (you don't need to remove the half of the cover behind the battery)

(passengers side) remove the speaker and the side panel next to the door in the foot well and pull the carpet forward.

(back in the engine bay) you will now need to drill a hole through the fire wall. next to the wiper motor where the body starts to curve up to the windscreen, close to the curve directly in line with the screw hole for the cover, you should be able to workout by the shape inside behind the speaker as to how high you want to drill (quite low). you will need to cut off the little plastic tab behind the speaker to allow for the loom to come through.
make sure you put a grommet in the hole, and feed the cable through the other grommet for the wiper motor cable.
you can connect the cable to the existing loom heading up to the alarm.

put the cover back over the heater matrix and wiper motor and also put the air box back on and connect the plug to the alarm making sure the rubber cover held properly over the alarm.

(inside) tuck the wire behind the dash and poke it through to the connector blocks that are behind the panel next to the door.

now use the supplied connector clamps to connect the following wires together.

red cable - alarm power supply - red wire connecting the radio (that's if you haven't connected it up to turn on with the ignition)
black - negative - existing ground
orange - key positive - orange wire (steering column )
dark blue - indicator power - connected this to the same stereo red wire as couldn't workout another constant 12v supply
light blue 1 - indicator - blue/black wire (in passenger side kick panel)
light blue 2 - indicator - blue wire (in passenger side kick panel)
red black - Door Lock - blue/red wire (in passenger side kick panel)
white red - Door Unlock - white/yellow wire (in passenger side kick panel)
green - Door protection - white/black wire (behind passenger side speaker in loom)
purple - Boot protect – black/purple (only one I'm not sure about)
white - led memo light - black and red (from the memo led)

The memo light I tucked up in to the top corner of the passenger a pillar and ran the wire down the little gap in-between that and the windscreen, pull the dash (from behind the speaker hole) forward enough to poke the wire through to feed it down to wires from the alarm and connect the ground to the ground from the alarm

The shock sensor/ultrasonic sensor box I attached to the screw that holds the connector plug panel to the side of the car, you will have to detach the first connector and leave it loose.
(putting the box here will involve a little more wiggling and effort to get the side panel back on, but this is the easiest place I found to put it)

The sound/ultra sonic sensor things, I put at the top of the plastic trim on the front pillars, pointing straight as I could to cover the whole inside of the car, I feed the wires under the rubber down to the dash and then did the same for the memo light wire (a little more tricky due to the connector on the ends)
connect them up to the shock sensor.

put the inside back together and the radio back and now follow the final check in the manual and the operating instructions.

If you want to do the bonnet protect you can nothing different from what's in the instructions.

and that's the guide, hope it helps.
Neilix05 :)