The Goal
The goal was to fit Marea Poly Elliptical Headlights without modifying the Bravo’s wiring loom in anyway and without using stealers. In effect being able to plug the lights straight into a Bravo as you can with standard lights.

Working from wiring diagrams without seeing a headlight up close my first thought was to create an ISO style connector. This turned out to be near impossible because 4 Pin male Junior connectors are not commercially available.


The male connector on the poly unit has the side light pin missing, plus it is removable. So all we would need is two male pins and two 2 pin female junior connector some wire and I could wire up the sidelight connector inside the poly. Making a very professional modification.

The Result
A Poly Elliptical Headlight ready to plug straight into your Bravo or Brava. No messing.

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