So you may have washed your car or a heavy down pour has happened or nothing at all and you've got into the car, only to reach a turn and when you signal; the canbus bulb error comes up and your indicator goes into overdrive. Hopefully you haven't replaced the bulb just yet as its not necessarily the bulb - it could be a number of things, this guide will be looking at the multi-plug connector into the tail-light. (y)

What you need;

- Philips head screw driver
- Something plastic and thin to lodge out the tail light
- Electrical contact cleaner / WD40
- Some fine grit sandpaper, I used 600
- A dry clean rag
- A beverage

For steps that involve checking to see if the bulb is working, you don't have to turn the hazards on every time - you can use the key fob to lock and unlock the car its a lot quicker.

Please note: This is a very simple job, this guide is aimed at people who wouldn't usually carry out car maintenance and hopefully keeps them away from Halfrauds at all costs! Feel free to comment further maintenance steps as I only go as far as cleaning the connections on the multi-plug.