this is an easy (sorted guide) on brava/o's stepper motors and map sensors.

if you are suffering with the usual high eratic idling and power here's what to do.

First of all you do NOT need to fit washers in between the stepper motor housing and throttle body!!
all that does is make your car drink fuel running extremley rich.

Tools Required:

small flat blade screwdriver
can of brake/clutch cleaner (must be aerosol type)
torx T25 bit or screwdriver type
fiat ecu scan software v 2.6 or higher or multiecuscan (must be registered version) pm me if you dont have it.
ELM diagnostic interface or KKL type (available from ebay/amazon)
fiat 3 pin to 16 pin eobd/obd2 lead (available from ebay/amazon)
Laptop computer
mains extension lead (incase your laptop battery goes flat)
packet of tooth picks

firstly DO NOT REMOVE any leads from your car battery
using the flat blade screwdriver carefully remove the plugs from the map sensor and the stepper motor
using the torx bit or screwdriver remove the 2 map sensor screws and withdraw the sensor
using the can of brake/clutch cleaner spray the sensor tube at close range and with about 1/4 of the can
wipe with a cloth.
repeat the same spray process one more time.
using tooth picks insert a clean one each time in the map sensor little tube
untill you see hardly anymore black oil'y deposits on the tooth picks.
spray the sensor terminals aswell and the stepper motor terminals (allow to evaporate)
refit the map sensor and attatch the plug and the stepper plug (do not turn on the ignition)
assuming you have all the above mentioned software and leads and interface all set up
start fiat ecu scan or multiecuscan
NOW YOU CAN TURN ON THE IGNITION (but dont start it up just leave the ignition on)
now using the software connect to the ecu
then click adjustments
now click the idle actuator reset (top one first)
now click the second one resets all the sensors and stepper positions as if you fitted new ones
when doing the second one you must turn off the ignition when it says complete for 30 seconds.
then back on and wait another 30 seconds
now start the engine (DO NOT REV IT) allow to idle for a full 10 mins
now switch off.
now restart the engine and reset your mileage trip meter to zero and drive normal for 6 miles (no less)
do not drive like boy racer otherwise it will expectyou to drive like that all the time.

Hopefully this will sort many peoples problems and stop people wasting good money on parts they never needed
in the first place jst because the garage says so.