Those of you with Unos that have electric windows will no doubt have encountered the infamous 'disappearing window' syndrome. It normally goes something like this:

1. Window open
2. Press switch to close window
3. Window moves up
4. Window magically disappears with a loud 'clonk' coming from the inside of the door.
5. Switch and electric window motor still work (makes whirring noise) but window is no-where to be found.

In fact the window will have come off its bracket on the electric window motor and is lying useless in the bottom of the door. The cause of this is the little plastic 'ears' on the lug that pushes through the hole in the window breaking off. They're designed to push through the hole and then pop out, securing it in the process. However, after a few years of use they go brittle and break, leaving the window to fall off.

This is the lug with broken off ears fitted on the door glass. As you can see there is nothing to stop the glass from falling off the lug...



On my car someone had attempted a previous repair with what looks like Tigerseal. It worked for a while but soon gave up the ghost, as I found out at midnight a few weeks back. I closed the door of my 70SX only to be greated by a 'clunk' and the window disappearing inside the door. :bang:



But fear not, there is a solution! And it's a lot more secure than most others I've tried. What you need to do is find a piece of metal/ alloy plate and cut a section like this. It's about the same size'ish as the plastic carrier on the electric window motor. Ignore the two holes on the plate, those just happend to already be there on the piece of metal I used.


Here you can see the plate alongside the electric window carrier:


Now you need to cut a hole in the middle of the plate so that it fits over the lug. Make sure the hole isn't too big else the plate will wobble around on the lug:

And here's the plate placed over the lug:


With the window on the carrier lug and the plate over the lug too, mark about 1mm from the plate to where you will put a split pin. Now drill a hole big enough for the split pin and it should look something like this:


Now you should be able to put the window on the carrier with the lug coming through, the plate over the window and lug and then fit a split pin to secure it all in place:



Now disassemble again, and refit the electric window motor back into the door. Fit the window and place it on the carrier. You will find it best to lower the window about 2/3 down for access as the next bit is fiddly. With the window on the carrier and the lug sticking through the hole, place the plate over the lug and push it up against the window. Holding it there you now need to fit a split pin like in the pictures earlier. Push the split pin through the hole and then bend back the ends. The window will now be VERY securely held onto the plastic carrier thanks to the split pin and plate. You can confidently use your window without worrying if it will fall off again.


Fit all trim and check to see if all is working. Hopefully all will be good and the job is done. :thumb
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